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Open Device Labs are a shared community resource for testing apps and websites on a variety of phones, tablets and other devices. Instead of only testing on the few devices we personally own, or shelling out for a slightly larger set of test devices, we can build a comprehensive set of devices to share.

Seattle's first ODL is open! Formidable Labs have graciously offered to host the Formidable Open Device Lab, which is available for free by appointment to the public. If you'd like to make an appointment, please email me at Depending on demand we'll build out a more sophisticated scheduling service later.

The lab currently has 30 devices to test with - 10 tablets and 20 phones, running Android, iOS, Windows, FirefoxOS and Tizen. If you have a dusty device you're willing to donate or lend, please get in touch.

If you have input, please add to this thread I have started on the device-lab group, ping me at @alanstearns on Twitter, or email me.

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Here's the list of devices we have so far that are in working order.

(*) are loans, where we could use a permanent donation.

The following organizations have provided time, space and/or devices to the lab:

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